✨Heather is curious, positive, sarcastic, creative…AND FUN.✨

She quit her fashion design job in New York City after 10 years to pursue her lifelong dream of traveling the world. Now she’s on Substack engaging with her subscribers as she fumbles around, searching for the threads of a new identity.

She craves human connection and learning from others, and is recommitted to spending more time with those she loves (even if it’s remotely). Her home base is a combination of Wisconsin, New York, and California, as she drifts between family and friends during this nomadic journey.

Heather is driven by a minimalist lifestyle, keeping it simple, and making sustainable choices. She’s discovering how she can positively impact her surrounding communities and the environment. It is important that she learns about new cultures as she explores what’s next in this chapter of her life. She is currently traveling around the world for the next year, with an open mind and an open heart for where she may settle down next. The next place is sure to include 2-3 dogs.

Would you like to connect over creativity, self-growth, and problem-solving? Or just to have a virtual glass of wine or mocktail? Please book a time on my Calendly for us to chat! I can’t wait to see you. XOXO.


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