Letter #22: If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere...right? Maybe not. Saigon sent me for a loop.
Letter #21: What to expect when you're expecting...a trip to Vietnam. And then I go off on a tangent about existential questioning.
Letter #20: Celebrating my 37th birthday in Bali, and spending my last days in Ubud.
Letter #19: Who am I now? And what should I do with the rest of my life?
Letter #18: I am terrified to drive a scooter in SE Asia. And I'm learning more about what it means to visit a "developing" country.
Letter #17: Turns out I’m not, and the hostel experience has exceeded my expectations and provided me with the best popsicle ever.
Letter #16: Learning what my limits are. And all of them are bugs. 🪳
Letter #15: Breathe in...breathe out. My first visit to see a Balinese healer.

February 2023

Letter #14: How did I pack for potentially 11 months of travel? By questioning what is "essential" to me. You can do a lot with a little.
Letter #13: Waking up in Bali and the empty pages in front of me, waiting to be filled. Also, a brilliantly strange and hilarious Monty Python film.
Letter #12: Visiting my old roommate in Hawaii AKA heaven on earth. And only 6 days before leaving the county for...well...a while.
Letter #11: A catchy Beach Boys song that makes me want to be blonde and tan, and also time spent with my very best friend in the whole world (who is…